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【True Wireless earbuds review】EnacFire F1: Powerful, heavy and macho. V-shaped sound that is bitter and chic but also has a pleasant crash feeling. Hard rock sounds. Recommended

It may be that I am originally a bass head, but I recommend this earphone because they sound really cool. If you like bitter, heavy punchy and heavy sound, this earphone will give you exactly that sound. In the high range, it gives a stron…

【True Wireless earbuds review】NUARL N6 Pro: The bright and clear sound that carefully realizes the deep three-dimensional sound is attractive. Recommended

Personally, as soon as I listened to this earphone, I was surprised. The sound has been designed so that it can be heard three-dimensionally with the sound field in mind, and the sound has been carefully crafted so that modern music can be…

【High-End Headphone impressions】Victor HA-WM90: It has a good balance between the deep bass with good sinking and the rich midrange with upwards, and moderately attacking highs. You can enjoy studio-like sound. Recommended

It's a different feeling that the sound is blurred, but there is a feeling that the contour of the sound is a little smoky and you can hear it in the unique air feeling of the wood housing. There is a feeling that the low range is emphasiz…

【High-End Headphone impressions】ULTRASONE Edition 8 EX: Highly clear and transparent, with a very beautiful melodious sound that is sweet and glossy

If you like the sensual, sweet and moist sound, you can't miss this headphone. Pop, rock, dance, jazz. If you want to enjoy the dreamy music of the dawnless spring full of flower scent, this headphone is one of the best companion. Let's en…

【Hi-fi earphone impressions】Atomic Floyd SuperDarts Titanium: Despite being a cool, metallic sound with a sharp, aggressive sound, it has plenty of sweetness

I'm rather a bass head, but I can't help but love this earphone, despite the sound that tends to produce sibilance closer to the higher frequencies. The overtones and particles are emphasized in a precise and cool atmosphere, and the speed…

【Chi-fi earphone impressions】KBEAR DIAMOND: Constructive U-shaped signature sound with hot and powerful lows, hard and solid mid-highs with clues, and mild highs

It has a sound signature that should be a gentle U-shape, and there is a characteristic that the lows and the mids are somewhat intimate, and the three-dimensional effect tends to be ambiguous. It may give people the impression of being bu…

【Chi-fi earphone impressions】Moondrop Starfield: Open sound field expression with transparency and height by the Harman target curve

The distinctive feature is that it has a high sense of detail while maintaining the breadth and openness of the sound field expression, and the transparency at high frequencies. If you are looking for an earphone with a wide sound field an…

【Chi-fi earphone impressions】NF AUDIO NA1: A beautiful sound with a natural diffuse sound field.

The spatial expression is wonderful, and the tone atmosphere should sound relatively natural. The adjustment of the high range is also good, the overtones do not sound too much, the sound does not shine excessively, it is mild and easy to …

【Flagship Digital Audio Player impressions】FiiO M15: Overwhelming functionality and high-end sound quality that seems to be the best portable DAP at the moment

The FiiO M15's first impressions are pretty amazing, and should provide a comparable or better music environment than a $ 1000 high performance machine. The amplifier power is sufficiently powerful, the sound quality is natural and high re…

【Chi-fi earphone impressions】TANCHJIM Oxygen: A versatile sound with a nearly flat U-shape that balances graininess, coolness, warmth and sweetness.

This time I checked the sound quality impression of TANCHJIM Oxygen. Despite being slightly elaborate, it has a well-balanced, flat overall, powerful rhythm with good attack, good vocal focus, and the sound is sweet and warm. Well tuned, i…

【Flagship Digital Audio Player impressions】FiiO M15 vs Astell&Kern SP2000: Which is the Truly High-end?

The latest M15 from global Digital Audio Player (DAP) maker FiiO is equipped with dual AK4499EQ, Asahi Kasei's flagship DAC chip. There are only two DAPs on the planet that have dual of the highest DAC chips in the industry, yes, one of th…

【Chi-fi earphone impressions】MacaW GT600s Pro [Silver nozzle]: Sharp, solid, metallic. But it has a crisp and clean U-shaped sound

This time, I checked the sound quality impression of the silver nozzle of MacaW GT600s Pro. It has a very clean and refreshing atmosphere with a sharp, solid cue and resolution-oriented sound. It was confirmed that the overtones were easy …