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【True Wireless earbuds review】EnacFire F1: Powerful, heavy and macho. V-shaped sound that is bitter and chic but also has a pleasant crash feeling. Hard rock sounds. Recommended


EnacFire F1

EnacFire F1

Wireless Earbuds, ENACFIRE F1 Wireless Earbuds CVC 8.0 Noise Cancellation Apt-X Stereo Sound Wireless Headphones 208H Cycle Playtime IPX8 Waterproof Bluetooth 5.0 Headset



Comfort / Noise isolation

$49.99 USD

Play Time

(Continuous playback from one charge/Full playback with the charging case)

Bluetooth Version 5.0
Supporting Codecs aptX/AAC/SBC
Waterproof Level


As the TWS is close to the general design, the nozzle side is slightly raised like an IEM and fits well in the ear. The sound insulation is also moderate.


Supported codecs are aptX / AAC / SBC. Connected to ONKYO GRANBEAT and Hiby R6 Pro and tested around a certain terminal station in Kanto.


Basically, communication stability is high, and it is stable even in places where communication is easily interrupted, such as gates and intersections. There was almost no disturbance while walking down the street in the city. It will not be interrupted at home.


There were times when it was not crowded, but there was no disruption while waiting for the train at home or inside the train.


I felt a slight disturbance only at the beginning of the connection, but it is basically stable. In the price range, communication quality will be excellent.


Testing environment

This test is performed using ONKYO GRANBEAT, Hiby R6 Pro, FiiO M15, Astell&Kern KANN, Cayin N6II.



Accessories include replacement earpieces, dedicated charging cable (Micro-B), dedicated charging case, and instructions. It also has a mobile battery function. It may be a minus point that the charging terminal is not Type-C for recent TWS.


EnacFire F1EnacFire F1

EnacFire F1EnacFire F1

EnacFire F1EnacFire F1


Sound quality: Exciting deep bass punch into the belly and clean crashing cymbals!

Image of frequency characteristics (Test operation)


※The "Image of frequency characteristics" is a reference information for the purpose of reviewing the image of the frequency distribution personally for the sake of review. The measurement method and the measured data are very rough and lack strict reliability and accuracy.


Recording Signature (Test operation)

The recording signature is binaural, but of poor quality. The lows are easier to get out of, so I raise the lows with an equalizer, but still not enough. Therefore, it is different from the sound quality as it is heard, so please use it as reference information only.


Original Song

銀の意志 Silver Will / 空の軌跡ざんまい / Copyright © Nihon Falcom Corporation


First impression

This time, I will review using the L size in the standard ear tip.


Let's check the sound quality by connecting to the main tester, ONKYO GRANBEAT. Immediately noticeable are the lows, which are very warm and have heavy punches. Powerful, but moderately swelling and gentle to the ears. Although the vocals are deep, they have a strong dominance in the low frequencies, so they have receded from the low frequencies, have less luster, are less glossy, and sound mature. The sound of the instrument is also calm with less gloss, and the attack is not emphasized near the mid-high range. So a higher hi-hat sounds more flashy than a snare. There is a tendency to feel V-shaped sound because it feels sharper at higher places, a little high level gives a sense of cleanliness and a brittle atmosphere, but the base of the low range is solid, so the whole music The image has a sense of stability. In terms of color, it will be a sober, macho flavor that gives a natural coloring with a chic feeling with less gloss. It has a deep bitter sound that inherits the genealogy of EnacFire Future and Future Plus.


For example, songs like "GO GO HEAVEN" by Yoshiyuki Osawa have a dry drum with a little color, a powerful drum and a little edging, and a guitar with a little glare, a strong hi-hat and a brass tube that gives a strong sense of particle can be heard in a moderately hard rhythm that is not too stiff.


Songs like "StarRingChild" by Aimer sound a bit dry midrange with a bitter feel between the high range that crashes rather than attacking with considerably suppressed color, and the powerful low range. The sound of the guitar is sharp, shining with the edges, and the sound is aggressive and has many clues, while suppressing the brightness.





Now, after confirming the first impression, we will check each range. First of all, in the low range, the bass guitar feels pretty macho, and it feels fleshy and muscular strength while giving out the warmth. The bass drum kick is also slightly dark and has a strong warmth, giving a firm weight. Although there is a body squeal, it is a sound with sinking and a sound that puts a heavy weight on the punch. There is a fist that can be driven into the belly. Frankly, this feeling, I like. The low frequency strings also have weight, and the feeling of dropping sound into the belly is strong. Although it is a bit thick, it is basically a heavy sound that emphasizes the weight. The low end is basically muscular with a heavy, black, macho sound.



The mids are dark, but basically dry. The vocal focus is not bad, and the low frequencies are strong, so the vocals are not in the front row. However, because the floor is heavy, the vocals do not feel buried because they are moderately far from the midrange. The vocals are fat, powerful and masculine. The female vocals are also a bit macho-like, and they are mature, with very little flirting. The consonants are slightly emphasized and the breath is extended, so the details are moderate, but there is no moist or rich sweetness. The sound of the instrument is calm, there is no frivolous feeling, and the piano is quite mature and there is no feeling of glitter.



Flashiness is suppressed from the mid-high range to the high range. It gives me a feeling of crash at the tip of the guitar edge or hi-hat, there are many clues, but there is an attack but it is moderately suppressed, and the three-dimensional feeling is not so emphasized. The height is expressed, so the air is not bad, but basically it sounds dry and chic with a little lack of brightness and glitz.



The sound field is not very wide. The midrange feels a little margin, but the sound is basically more in-head. The left and right will not differ much from the width of both ears. Depth is moderate, but not too deep.


Overall, it has a powerful V-shaped sound with a macho-like low range that is powerful and can be heard in a well-rooted atmosphere. However, the mid to mid-high range is almost flat and the color and attack are moderately controlled, so the vocals can be heard relatively clearly and there is a calm atmosphere. Although it has a slightly mature atmosphere, it is characterized by a strong sense of crash in the high frequencies, which should be quite appealing to those who like a clean, sharp look. The Rock is a manly macho and solid space, with a Hard Rock-like atmosphere where the crashes are a little noticeable and resound. There may be a little vintage and bondage feeling. The sound sounds like a black leather jacket.


The sound image for my earphones is chic with less fancyness. The song "Cyberbird" by Gabriela Robin is a great match.





  1. Good vocal focus
  2. Warm
  3. Low frequencies have weight
  4. The sound is deep
  5. Slightly chic colors with low gloss
  6. High frequency with a sense of crash
  7. Powerful
  1. Lacks luster
  2. Sound is in the head
  3. The sound field is not wide
  4. Sometimes it feels like a caged sound
  5. Strong low frequency



Musicality: Powerful and heavy bass is the biggest attraction

TETSU - "Honoo no Sadame" (vs SoundPEATS Truengine SE)



【Test with FiiO M15 (Pure Music Mode)】

The low range is macho and has a thick feel, the vocals are dry with a gloss, and there is a richness, so there is astringency, it is bitter and mature, it has a little cool, rough atmosphere, it fits the atmosphere of this song. The brass is also very cool with less gloss. I think that the snare has a little more attack and the sound of the instrument is slightly more glaring overall, but I feel like it's heavy and powerful enough to enjoy the dry, bitter, hard-boiled atmosphere of this song.


I will compare it with SoundPEATS Truengine SE, which also has a strong low frequency and a little dry atmosphere. However, Truengine SE has a richer midrange feel and a dry sound, but the sound of the instrument is shiny and moist compared to F1. The vocals are younger than F1, and the voice volume is firm. The sound is sensual, and the vocals will sound more attractive with Truengine. The low-frequency punch is more powerful in F1 and is more macho.


Truengine SE actually has a better balance, while the dry, bitter overall image is common, but the midrange is more enriched, shiny, and more attractive than Truengine SE. F1 is more mature, chic, more craving, and cleaner. Which is cooler? For me personally, F1.


装甲騎兵ボトムズ 総音楽集


SNoW - “Sakasama no Chou” (vs Vedoo Vedoo-01)



【Test with Hiby R6 Pro SS】

This earphone also sounds such a song very cool. Although it is chic and bitter, the crash of the hi-hat is clean, but quite emphasized. Because the edge of the guitar is also standing, it is dark, powerful and mature, but has a moderately airy feeling, sharpness, and a sense of groove. If you want to enjoy this song in a calm atmosphere, like mature music, it's a pretty good candidate.


Let's compare it with Vedoo Vedoo-01, which also has a strong low-frequency punch. Nevertheless, the weight of the punches varies considerably, and while each shot of the F1 punch is a heavy blow that responds to the belly, the sound of Vedoo also has a punch, but it sounds a bit light jab. The Vedoo-01 also has a dense midrange and a glossy mid-high range color. For example, the edges of the guitar are glaring and a bit fascinating. The vocals are also mature, but they are a bit more sweet and coquettish.


If you want to listen to this song with luster, Vedoo-01 is a good choice. The sound of F1 is more dry and refreshing, and there is a sense of cleanliness. I personally like F1 for this song.




Suchmos - "STAY TUNE" (vs Mpow M7)



【Test with Cayin N6II/E01 (A)】

The punch that responds to my stomach strongly tightens the sound field, and I can hear dry and mature bitter vocals, which is really cool. Since the attack is moderately suppressed, the atmosphere of the adult beat is not lost, and the hi-hat has a very vibrant crash feeling, so the aggressive atmosphere is expressed on this song. With these chic songs with a hard rock atmosphere, this earphone would be perfectly compatible.


Let's compare it with Mpow M7 which also has heavy bass. The mood is similar, but the Mpow M7 is deeper, the mids are richer and richer, and the hi-hat crash feel is slightly reduced. If F1 is solid and refreshing, this is a bit more rich and glossy. However, the overall atmosphere is very similar. For vocals, M7 is a little more sexy.


I personally think that they both enjoy this song, but I recommend F1. It makes the sound more bitter and sour, and gives you more macho power.




Final Verdict: It's a very macho and masculine bitter sounding cool

It may be that I am originally a bass head, but I recommend this earphone because they sound really cool. If you like bitter, heavy punchy and heavy sound, this earphone will give you exactly that sound. In the high range, it gives a strong sense of clean crash, so it is not just heavy, but the point that is surprisingly refreshing is also high. If you like hard rock sounds, it is highly recommended.


  • Powerful and punchy bass
  • It has a strong sense of crash and a clean feeling of release
  • Low frequencies dominant


EnacFire F1

EnacFire F1

【208時間連続駆動 APT-X+AAC高音質 IPX7防水規格】ENACFIRE ワイヤレス イヤホン Bluetooth 5.0 イヤホン 片耳8時間再生 QCC3020省エネ CVC8.0ノイキャン タッチ式 両耳通話 左右分離型 二台接続可能 自動ON/OFF ブルートゥース イヤホン 日本語説明書 Siri対応/マイク内蔵/PSE&MSDS&技適認証済み(F1)